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From the finish to the screen enclosure, we have it all with at an affordable price and the best quality in the pool industry.

Remodeling? We can offer brick pavers and coupling, all types and colors of finish and tile, screen enclosure, fountains and waterfalls, automated systems, and more. Just use your imagination and we will make it real.

You might be asking yourself, “why choose DIVE IN if I can go straight to the builder?” Our answer is simple. When you choose us you are saving money in many ways. First of all, the price we get from the builder is much less than what you would get. So, if we get discounts you will receive discounts as well.
In addition, we will give you free advice on equipments and hardware. Keep in mind that builders will always try to sell you the most expensive products available. By choosing us, we will help you select only the best options for your pool size and needs. This way you will not only stay within your budget, but will have the assurance that your pool will have the best equipment to fulfill its needs.

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Why not going straight to the builder?
We are specialized in pool services and repairs. To build the best pool for your home or business we have partnered with one of the best and most experienced pool builder’s contractors in Florida.