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However, when your pool gets all the heat, the water chemistry goes out of balance very quickly. That is why people see their pool turning from blue to green in one day. Unfortunately, the consequences can be extremely expensive ranging from damaging the filter and pump to staining the finish.

We are experts in turning a green pool into a sparkling blue paradise and there are two ways to accomplish that. In order to make a startup service on a green pool we may use the following methods:
  1) Acid Wash: This is an option that will make your pool looking great in only 1 day. We will empty the pool sending the dirty water to waste. With our professional equipment we are able to empty a pool in few hours. After this step, we will clean the whole pool with acid until we remove all the algae and stains from the pool walls. After that, we will leave the pool filling up and we will balance the water right after.

2) Shock: This is a slower procedure but not less efficient. Through this method we will chemically treat the water until it gets totally clear. In the end, the result will be the same as the acid wash. However, by choosing this method, you will wait a little longer to see the cleansing effects, but it will save you more money.

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